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Newest Arrivals

Gold Rectangle with Diamond Cross Necklace
14K yellow gold rectangle with a diamond cross featuring three...
Gold Double Diamond Drop Earring
14K yellow gold diamond shaped earrings with two small diamond...
Gold Disc with Diamond Circle Necklace
14K yellow gold disc encrusted in diamonds with four diamond c...
Gold Disc Earring with Diamond Circle
14K yellow gold disc earrings with a diamond circle in the cen...
Diamond Dagger Necklace
14K white gold necklace with a diamond encrusted dagger and di...
Gold Disc with Diamond Strip Necklace
14K yellow gold disc with a diamond strip featuring three diam...
Diamond Dagger Earrings
14K white gold dagger earrings encrusted with diamonds on a fi...
Two Disc Pave Diamond Necklace
14K white gold necklace with two diamond encrusted discs and t...
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