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It all started in 2003, as a shop within a shop. With a small footprint of 500 square feet, Kiki opened offering a very curated collection of handbags, jewelry, fragrances and home accessories. The concept and the loyal following of happy customers quickly grew and in 2006, Kiki opened in Lafayette as a fine jewelry and women’s accessories store. The next year Kiki opened in Baton Rouge and launched a website. The goal was a simple one … to provide customers with a shopping experience that touched all the senses. The mother-daughter team behind the boutiques and the brand share a point-of-view that is both classic and quirky. The stores are sleek, clean and airy...the perfect backdrop for their eclectic mix of designers and designs. According to Kiki, the store is always evolving and keeping the concept fresh has been key to their success. In 2011, Kiki in Lafayette expanded to 5,000 square feet and now includes ready-to-wear and shoes. 

Their philosophy will make sense to every woman out there…. fill a store with all the things you love and if nobody buys it, you can always take it home.





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